Water Sub-Metering

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Gas Sub-Metering

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Electricity Sub-Metering

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A few properties we service

The following list of properties include some of those that we currently bill for utilities. Feel free to call them if you wish to find out their experience with our company.


Complex                                           Manager                    Phone                        Billing type

Brighton Ave Apts                            Ken Tucker               858-431-9702           Allocated water

MRoland Management Services   Don Bellisario           619-578-2916           Submetered gas

Carefree South HOA                                                            858-270-7870            Submetered water

Seabreeze Apartments                    Mildred McClung     619-527-0741           Submetered electricity

Bella Vista Apartments                   Martha Enriquez     619-297-3647           Sewer appeal



We can customize our services to meet your needs.  Please call us with any questions you may have.