The Meter Company, LLC

Is a company which specializes in utility billing and related services.

We serve most areas of energy management, including:

  • Utility billing gas, electricity and water sub-meters
  • Utility billing using the RUBS system for gas, electricity and water using the master meter billing statement
  • Removing and replacing sub-meters to comply with the Department of Weights and Measures requirement to test 10% of sub-meters annually
  • Installations of water sub meters
  • Utility billing for allocated water and sewer charges
  • Rebuilding most types of gas and water meters

Sewer surcharge appeal (This can result in savings of thousands of dollars for properties who have no landscape irrigation meters and receive water and sewer charges from the City of San Diego).

We currently provides billing for everything from large apartment complexes and home owner associations to smaller apartment buildings.  We are a small company and take pride in giving personal service, both for the tenants and the property owners.  One of the services we provide is to alert clients if we see unusually high or low utility usage.  Customers can register, view and pay their bills and set up auto pay and ebills at,.